• How The Strategy Works

    How to create your own personalised, fully funded exit strategy through strategic ‘bolt-on’ buys that you already understand

  • Finding

    This is a strategic play that done right, will slot each revenue growing opportunity on top of each other, with you at the helm as CEO of a thriving, valuable company.

  • Funding

    This strategy focuses on seller finance and deferred debt, meaning you could take over companies for very little cash down. There are a number of options.

  • Acquiring

    This is about valuing and negotiating a deal that works for both you and the seller of the business.

It’s All About Your Exit

Find Out if This Could Work For You.

“This is the difference between selling your business for a couple of times the profit you make in a year, or selling it for a much higher, life changing multiple.

It could be the difference between retiring with half a million pounds and £2.5m…between a million and five”…

  • Mixing

    Once you own the new business, you need to focus on mixing up the values in bth businesses to squeeze maximum EBITDA

  • Merging

    Merging means managing egos and personalities as much as bricks and mortar.

  • Managing

    Your focus from Day 1 is on managing the new business to consolidate, cross sell, and prepare the company to fit imto your group, adopt best practice and grow organically.

  • Repeating & Selling

    When you have a formula that works for you. repeat until you reach the X5 valuation you need. You will already have a buyer in mind and the financials in place. Selling should be straightforward.